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Videographer jobs available in Los Angeles & San Diego, California.

Videographer Jobs

We’re not like other videographer jobs – we are in the business of developing long-term relationships with our clients and building long-lasting video production careers for our team. Do you love film & video production like in the movies?  Are you a team player and self-sufficient? If you enjoy learning cutting edge technologies, and challenging yourself, we have an exciting career working with Entrepreneurs & Corporate Clientele with our videographer jobs. We’re looking forward to having you on the Serious Take Productions team!! Videographer needed!

At Serious Take Productions we understand your needs. We are currently looking for a skilled person who can perform the following tasks:

  • Videography
  • Use audio mixing equipment, tweak the studio
  • Set up and place the lighting and the audio equipment
  • Must Own A Ronin Rig & Drone for Creative Cinematography
  • The videdographer might become part of the post-production team. Do you know how to edit well?
  • Continually learn more about new video equipment so that you can stay up to date
  • Be on time to the job and be very reliable
  • Maintain detailed records about what needs to be done on a particular job
  • Be extremely detail-oriented and organized

Videographer Jobs; Application

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Our videographer jobs at Serious Take Productions are in high demand, we get several applications every day. Please make sure when applying for one of our videographer jobs you have experience revolving around cinematography, self-sufficiency, and a great positive attitude. Our clients need help, and it’s very important that we are able to provide them the best service possible. The thoroughness of your application will be a huge factor in earning an interview with the CEO or Co-Founder of Serious Take Productions.