How We Work Together

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    Creative Storytelling Process

    We help determine through pre-production processes how to get your clear key message of your product or service to be in alignment with your brand so your audience can understand it—how it works, why is it different, what is the experience you want your audience to feel, and why they’ll want it in their lives. Usually, we’ll create a short storyboard to view the overall message that you can envision better through this process. It helps explain our thoughts and innovative ideas to match the formulated script in detail, and a plan for what resources we’ll need to achieve it.

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    We are a team of creatives, innovators, visionaries and amazing people, who set the ideal imagery and locations for your brand that best tells your story. Do you have questions on who will be the face of the brand? You, your team, or professional actors? We love working with you to produce the ideal scenario and locations to provide the best visuals, cast the right people, right now to represent your brand the right way..

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    We cut your vision into a masterpiece using all the high tech tools, and updated software from high-end visual effects to original music production in house team composition or licensing, to color grading, to proper naming conventions which will allow proper keywords for your video to reveal itself through online search engines.

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    Now your masterpiece is complete right? Of course not, now you need to get eyeballs on your creative visuals. We want you to stand out. We want you to have the best tools to impact many across the world. We’ll support you with online media strategies which lead your video out from SEO, funnels and online ad marketing. With the right resources, you have the ability to impact your audience.