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Facebook Creator App Capabilities

Recently, Facebook announced the launch of a Facebook Creator App making it easier for entrepreneurs to produce original video content at their fingertips.

This gives content creators new tools, including the feature to add intros and outros to live broadcasts, different camera effects/frames, and total video insights.

Within the total video insights, you can measure engagement, video views, minutes viewed, followers within the past 7-60 days. This gives creators an opportunity to build deeper relationships with customers and prospects all while positioning Facebook as a “One Stop Shop” for all video creators. It’s a win-win. Now, let’s go deeper into some of the technical aspects of the app.

1.  Live Creative Kit (Inside Facebook Creator App)

In Order to set up the Live Creative Kit – you must go to your Video Settings from your desktop computer. This is where you will notice the new addition to create a Live Creative Kit for Your Page. You must use the Creator Facebook App only for personal identities which includes your personal Facebook Page or a Public Figure Page. You may not use the App currently with a brand, business or storefront Page, it must be a person.

Creator App

Once you press create, you may upload your brand logos, personalized imagery, video intros and outros and even a call to action ending or social media handle to promote (videos not suggested to be more than 5-10 seconds long.

In your Creative Kit, you may enable these intros/outros and call to actions to play before and after your Live streams. You may add frames which allows you to add a stylish border to your videos for a more creativity. You may also use custom emoji reactions to your live broadcasts to make it more engaging with your audience. This allows you to replace one of the six default “haha,” “‘angry” or “wow” alternatives to the standard “Like” with a graphic you choose.

View the Creative Kit Space Upload Area Below.

Creative Kit

2. Unified Inbox:

Rather than having to constantly jump between Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, Facebook is putting all of a creator’s comments and messages in a single inbox with Creator. That could make it much more streamlined to actually hold a conversation with fans or respond to comments instead of constantly switching between multiple social media platforms. As you can see Facebook Messenger, Facebook Post, and Instagram Post Notifications can all be read in the same unified inbox in the image below.

Unified Inbox

3. Stories and Camera

To keep the focus on Facebook’s daily sharing features, access to Facebook Camera and Stories sharing is available from Creator. Facebook will even let people cross-post to Instagram and even Twitter to reduce the friction of putting their content everywhere. That simplicity could encourage people to build higher-quality content and keep Facebook in the sharing loop. It gives more options to post more places at once.

4. Analytics

Creators need to know what’s working so they can make more of it. Rather than burying that inside their Facebook Pages, Facebook is surfacing inside the Creator app. Details on fan demographics could help influencers not only zero in on what types of videos they should post, but also what brands might want to sponsor them.

video creators

There are some cons to the app at this time which include: 

*Not a way to monetize right now – no subscription or tipping option or revenue produced like Youtube

*Doesn’t integrate with Facebook groups – it could totally benefit

*Only may launch on IOS devices – iPhone and IPad when you go Live

That’s it for now!

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