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4 Reasons To Film Your Mastermind

It was while filming an event called The Mastermind in New York, New York that we were exposed to a strong, supportive network of high caliber leaders, that are creating a force multiplier effect in their businesses.

It isn’t just ANY network of people. Ben Simkin has generated more than 1.4 billion in sales for himself and his clients. And as far as Facebook is concerned, Ben is a leader in the industry operating a blue-chip company called BusinessNET, well-known and well-established in the online marketing space.

He shares exactly what he did in his company to achieve those results and strategizes with his network on how they can apply the same methodology. 

And when you grow to the next level, you can share that information with others. It is truly a ripple effect.

Here are four reasons every entrepreneur needs to film their mastermind:

  1. 360 Degrees of Emotions Captured at Your Mastermind

Many entrepreneurs are sick and tired of doing this entrepreneurial thing alone when all of their friends are out partying up a storm.

And being able to capture on video a like-minded community coming together that understand one another, provide strategic direction, and are able to remove some barriers can get — emotional.

And not intentionally, some of these people have felt ‘stuck’ for years…dabbling and investing in the wrong areas with some results or perhaps, they have multi-million dollar businesses and are trying to get to the next level.

And to finally understand and execute on the exact marketing methods, funnels, and advanced business strategies Ben teaches, people get excited. And the energy comes across even stronger on multiple cameras. Hence, 360 degrees of emotions captured. 😉

  2. Power Your Videos With Success Stories

promotional video production

When you are capturing testimonials or success stories at your event, imagine capturing your best success stories with a more documentary-style feel. A feel where the client is being interviewed, looking away from the camera with a beautiful and authentic backdrop. Then, have the team edit it with the right inspiring music and b-roll (extra footage that adds movement and visuals over the person talking). Documentary style allows a place where people are safe to be vulnerable.

Another option that most event holders do is to record testimonials in front of a wide banner on the last day of the event. This is a good option to for the general public. We usually do both types of testimonials. You can certainly run advertisements to both and split-test the conversion rates.

However, when you do chose the latter testimonial, try to implement b-roll (additional footage) from the entire event where it makes sense. For example, when a person is referencing how fun the dance-competition was in the testimonial, then incorporate some cool highlights from the competition or if someone is talking about how great a speaker was, show some highlights from that speech.

When you mix a brand story or mini-movie of you with some success stories, it can really take someone on the fence to “I NEED to work with YOU NOW!” Why? Because they connect with you.

74% of all internet traffic this year is video and video ads have an average click-through rate (CTR) of 1.84%, the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats. Why? Because movement catches attention.

Test different elements to attract the right qualified people. If you have visited Ben’s page before or follow Ben at all, you may see some of his Facebook ads are success story videos— they are powerful.


   3. A Mini-Movie For You

Ben Simkin

During The Mastermind, our team followed Ben Simkin and attendees around for hours. We captured creative b-roll of audience reactions leading into the night group activities. It was like having your own reality-TV crew.

You can have an intimate mastermind with 45 attendees, rent a small space about 1,233 square feet and maximize your time by having your video team capture content that can last you literally months, all recorded in 3-4 days.

You can create a mini-movie of you preparing for the event, being interviewed, incorporate some behind-the-scenes, and highlights from the event with success stories mixed in.

Here’s an example we filmed for The Mastermind:

Some other videos your video team can create at the event:

  • Success story documentary videos — For some clients who have produced phenomenal results as a result of your program or teachings.
  • Regular testimonials with b-roll incorporated. I touched on this earlier.
  • A speaker bumper about 15 seconds that quickly shows your event logo and speaker highlights with music. A short video to increase excitement for next year. You can also use this on Instagram.
  • An event trailer for next year which shows highlights from throughout the entire event and event gatherings. You can host this on your event page, Facebook, and more.
  • Speaker Interviews: For additional content, you may consider renting a separate room, a small boardroom at least 311 square feet to host interviews with the speakers. The video team can strategically orchestrate times to meet or you may consider doing interviews on a separate day before or after the main event. You can use this content for your own online TV show, vlogs, and more to be omnipresent in your space.
  • Workshop videos are great for when you want to profit from your recordings. You can incorporate Powerpoint slides into your speaker videos for a more professional and crisp look. I will be writing a blog soon on how to convert slides into movie format without degrading quality. Believe me…it makes a big difference. Stay tuned. 🙂
  • Social Media Event Day Highlights: When you have a 2-3 day event, it is great to have an editor piece together Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 highlight videos and post on social media especially if you decide to sell your recordings. Some people may have felt they missed out and will express interest in buying the recordings.

You can build out your whole video library during your event.

   4. Profit From Your Recordings


A lot of the time, larger events will make an announcement that recordings will go up on sale shortly before the event ends. They will announce it all over on social media and in-person. Sometimes, people who were at the event want to buy the recordings and sometimes people who couldn’t make it, will buy the recordings. You can even sell last year’s recordings. Your audience values your content.

An example might be:

All Videos of Speakers are 25% Off — This Week Only!

Your Chance to Get The Videos of Your Favorite Speakers! For only $97

Gain Access To Your Video Content Here Only $197

When you make an investment in holding an event, you want to find ways to make it back. This is one of them. Your audience wants to relive the experience too.

You can also sell the whole speaker trailers to the speakers by adding additional footage to create more movement and excitement in their reels where the camera crew follows them onto the stage and around to capture great angles and moments.

At Serious Take Productions, we specialize in creative video content that evokes emotion and captures your audience’s attention.

As a gift, get the FREE Ultimate Guide To Videos That Attract New Prospects and Customers here.

I wish you great success!

Danielle Gomez

CMO, Serious Take Productions

July 9, 2017

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